Laundry is a collective of writers, designers, artists, freethinkers and dreamers who share a passion for all the things that make life better.

Started in 2012 by Founder and Editor-In-Chief Kerrie W as Life* Has No Limitations and rebranded in 2016 to Laundry Magazine, we strive to bring you stories from across lots of genres that make life just that bit better and nicer to look at.

We publish articles and stories every day and are delighted to accept contributions from like minded people, who like us are dreamers and thinkers and just like nice stuff.

We are a bunch of creatives who bring our content alive on these pages. Our staff team includes:



Kerrie W - Founder / Editor In Chief
Sophia L'Nech - Glamour
Sebastian Walters - Like to Keep Moving
Regina Turk - Foodie
Eddy Mason - Likes To Watch
Victoria Surtic - Likes To Talk
Jorges Clarke - Artist
Lauren Posey - Likes Life