Lancome Hydra Zen

A new gem in the daily moisturiser department.... It's not at all easy to find a moisturiser that you will stick with for a very long time. Because we all have so many specific needs, and these needs change over time, we are generally on the look out more often than not for the perfect moisturiser. From personal experience, if you are searching in the mid-range price bracket for a moisturiser, you may find the best one so far, but it may be lacking in some ways and although it is sufficient for the time being, you will keep looking. That's how it is for me anyway (and I'm sure I'm not alone).

My favourite moisturiser up to now has been Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. And believe me I'm not knocking this in any way because it really is a fantastic moisturiser (see review here). It's just that for my dehydrated skin, I was still left with a slight tightness to my skin in the winter (perfect for summer) and the richer intense one in the same range was not compatible with me (don't know why - just something that didn't agree with me). So I found myself topping up my moisturiser in the winter with an oil (favourite being Clarins Blue Orchid), which is very nourishing and gorgeous.

However, in the meantime I found Lancome Hydra Zen which I am loving. It's filled in the gaps for me that Moisture Surge didn't (still think I'd prefer this in Summer). The first thing that amazed me with this cream is that, despite the fact it is a thick cream, it does not feel at all heavy or greasy on the skin (and I'd be the first to notice this). I started out with a mini one (15ml promotional offer) and I honestly didn't think I would get the bottom of it let alone buy a full size one.

This is a very nourishing cream which de-stresses your skin (I have a level of sensitivity that this creams resolves). It's particularly good for dehydrated skin which by default can become sensitive, by providing adequate hydration. It leaves your skin feeling very comfortable and ready for your makeup, again it absorbs quite quickly given it's texture. This moisturiser has given my skin the hydration it needs all day. No breakouts or adverse effects. And it has SPF15 (great for Winter).

If, like me, you are always on the hunt for the best moisturiser and your skin is dehydrated and sensitive, then you should definitely give this a go. It costs £39.50/$56.

beautyBy Sophia L'Nech