Clinique's All About Eyes

Clinique's All About Eyes is a light weight eye cream that has just the right consistency to do it's job but also absorbs well into the skin without leaving any tackiness, which can be difficult to apply makeup over. This eye cream helps with puffiness, dark circles (with it's clever cosmetic pigment technology) and fine lines. It leaves this delicate area very smooth and silky.

I stopped using an eye cream a couple of years ago. I'm not really sure why but one of the reasons was pure laziness and that extra skincare step was just annoying me. This coupled with the fact that I became less convinced that I needed a separate product for around the eye area, why can't I just take my moisturiser up to this area?! My eyes aren't sensitive and so I didn't need to worry about using my moisturiser under my eyes.

However, my opinion quickly changed once I received the Clinique All About Eyes sample (it was actually more than a sample, it was 7ml - the full size is 15ml). I didn't initially use it all the time, just when I remembered (having been out of the habit) and every time I used it, my eye area was so much more nourished and the fine lines were diminished in appearance. When I used it in the mornings, it provided a perfect base for my concealer.

When I was using my moisturiser under my eye, I was really just taking the excess on my fingers and gently rubbing it under my eyes, however, when I was using a specific eye cream, this area was receiving full attention and getting the moisture it deserved (and needed).

So, thanks to Clinique's All About Eyes, I have now been converted back to an eye cream and so feeling the benefits. A tiny amount is all that is required. Remember to use your ring finger when applying eye cream as they are the weakest and therefore you won't pull on the skin in this delicate area. Use patting motions to blend it into the skin.