OPI Autumn / Winter 2016

Two of our favourite shades from the Washington DC collection for Autumn/Winter 2016 are 'Yank My Doodle' (beautiful name!) and 'Liv In The Gray'. OPI's formulations are one of the best on the market. They last longer than most. In fact, I would say that, on most occasions when I wear OPI, it doesn't chip at all. What happens is that it starts to wear away from the tips rather than chip. I get the best part of one week out of OPI polishes, it has started to wear away at this stage but if you're not going anywhere special, it will pass for another day or so.

The application of these nail polishes are quite effortless as the brush is designed in such a way that it does most of the work for you. It almost guides you, rather than you guide the brush. You can be quite light handed with it, the brush just seems to know where it is going. Another plus they have (which isn't always the case with nail polishes) is that is removes very easily, no transfer half way down your finger when you are rubbing it off with nail polish remover.

Ok, so on to our two favourite colours from the new season collections. The first one is 'Yank My Doodle' (left in the picture above), which is a beautiful autumnal tawny copper. It's quite a different colour and although it belongs to the orange family, it's not just another take on orange. It stands on it's own, a very striking sophisticated colour. The cream finish is fabulous.

'Liv in the Gray' (right in the picture above) is a perfect dark grey, another very sophisticated colour with a cream finish. I much prefer a cream finish to a gloss finish (on most occasions). You would think that a dark grey is relatively easy to find but it really isn't that easy to find the perfect one. This one nails it. It is quite dark and edgy. As far as dark grey shades go, it doesn't get better than this.

I always (unless I'm in a hurry) use a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat. I leave as much time as possible between the last coat of polish and the top coat, sometimes I even wait until the next morning.

OPI polishes are around £12.50 each.