Creative Interview With Designer David Breathnach

Laundry caught up with Creative Director and founder David Breathnach of Industry Design,  an award winning creative collective based out of Dublin and California, as part of our creative interviews series.

David describes himself as a designer developer, a multi-skilled artist, musician, graphic designer and coder. He is a big fan of music, art, fashion, Breaking Bad and Mr. Robot.

Industry is a multi-disciplinary creative studio working in digital, print and film. They believe in experimentation, good typography, user-friendliness and attention to detail and take pride in their studio’s ability to move between media and across a range of disciplines.

Laundry - Three words to describe you?

Focused, cool ( ha, ha!!) and punk

Three words to describe your work style?

clean, pop-culture, considered

When did you decide you wanted to be a designer?

I was very influenced by early style magazines such as ID, early Arena and The Face and the work of album cover designers. I just liked the way things looked when laid out in a cool and interesting way and how they made you feel. Packaging too. And I had fashion adverts on my wall, not pop stars. So as a young student I was always interested in design, though it took a different early career path before I came back to my first love.

Who is your favourite designer?

There are so many creative people out there, famous and not famous, whose work I admire, and I have been fortunate to work with a lot of them. But if I was pushed I would have to say Peter Saville, his work inspired me at a young age and his album covers for Factory Records are a big influence on me as much now as they were in the past. My studio wall is full of album covers.

What else inspires you other than design?

Music, always music. It plays all day ( and all night ) in the studio. Our studio is not what you would call quiet.  We have a page dedicated to what we are listening to on our site called inspiration.

What music do you listen to when designing?

Well, leading on from the last question, there are a lot of hours to fill in the studio. So a pretty diverse range from The Beatles, to Joy Division and EDM, a lot of 90s rave sounds and all stops in between depending on the mood we are in and the project. We only play vinyl and loud, we have a large vinyl collection. I also play guitar as it is a good release and stepping away from the screen is essential at times. 

What inspires your current work?

I am inspired by everything around me, good and bad design influences me

What city inspires you the most?

It has to be Manchester in England, which is were I am originally from - the music, the style, the history of the North and the swagger. Of course I have a great love for Dublin, my adopted city as it does have a Manchester vibe about it.

What do you dislike about the design industry?

Self promoted awards given by so called peers, other designers. Do not see the point or value. I know lots off highly awarded, decorated designers who are commercially poor. The only critic you need is yourself and your client. If you and the client are happy then you have achieved the project goal and that is the biggest award.

Where can we see your work?

You can check out the studio website at and of course we have lots of stuff out there on the web, album covers, branding, etc.

What future projects are you working on?

Ha, we are always working on future projects. We are thankful that we have a very successful studio and have multiple projects on the go at all times. We are more than blessed to have a cool client base who appreciate what we do. I also have some personal projects on the go with music, art and photography. So full on at the moment. 

Check out Industry design at