Creative Interview with Musician DJ Bica

Laundry Magazine are delighted to interview London house music and Ibiza legend DJ Bica and his new Electrobica project.

Electrobica are a British electronic group formed in 2015 in London and the principal name under which musician DJ Bica records.

We spoke with DJ Bica to find out what inspires him, as part of our series of Creative Interviews.

Laundry - Three Words To Describe You?

DJ BICA - metal / chemical /dazed


Three word to describe your latest project electrobica?

chilled / hypnotic / eclectic


How did the name electrobica come about ?

That's a secret, but it was in the late 90's, when experimenting with certain ideals was an important part of discovering yourself and new experiences, if you get my drift.


When did you decide you wanted to be a musician / producer?

The day I was born in the sense the day I bought my first sampler. It was rubbish ( the sampler ),  to think back but it changed my life direction musically and intellectually. 


Who is your favourite artist?

A lot of underground 90's sounds and artists, nothing mainstream.


What else inspires you other than music?

Life itself I guess, but other than that just the street, you know.


What other music do you listen to ?

Sounds of the street, it's urban and the soundtrack to life and I guess that's also my big influence, those industrial everyday sounds.


What inspires your music?

The same thing really, taking sounds from the street, from my travels and interpreting them into Electrobica. The main influence and the title is Isolation, but it is not so much personal isolation as in loneliness but isolating those sounds into your head and mixing them up, bit like a mad dream.


What city inspires you the most?

London primarily but also Tokyo as the sounds are rad.


What do you do you dislike about the industry?

The way you have to fit into a category or genre, I like to mess with these ideas and constraints.


Where can we buy your album?

In underground and dance stores and it will be up on all the global giants such as Spotify, Amazon, iTunes so we can make 0.0000001p a listen.


What future projects are you working on?

Lots of gigs and late night rendezvous with these new sounds.

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