Icon - Brigitte Bardot

When we talk about style icons, in fact you don't even need to put the word style in front, there are numerous people who could fall into this category, particularly from a personal perspective. However, true icons are few and less between. This word can be bounced around quite often to describe a man or a woman, but to be a real iconic person, you need to make a difference to the world around you. And this is what Brigitte Bardot did.

The former actress, dancer and fashion model became an international icon in the 1950s and 1960s starring in roles such as And God Created Women (which became an international success), where she played a sexually liberated woman in St Tropez in the south of France. She also became renowned for her free flowing sensuality off screen, she was the epitome of French sensuality. This, and her killer curves, lead her to be dubbed as a 'sex kitten'.

Brigitte Bardot's doe-eyed beauty was captivating, her gorgeous pout, kohl cat-like winged eyeliner, pale lipstick, famous blonde wavy hair and the quirky gap in her teeth.

In fashion, Bardot popularised the Bardot neckline, jumpers and tops showing both shoulders, the bikini which she famously wore both on film and on most southern French beaches and flat ballet pumps. She was also responsible for gingham style fashion following her pink checkered wedding dress (her marriage to Jacques Charrier). As well as clothing, she put St. Tropez on the fashion map.

She is still widely referenced when it comes to makeup looks, many famous makeup artists re-creating her look and many more asking for this look to be re-created on them. Kate Moss would be our modern day Brigitte Bardot, blond wavy hair, feline flick eyes and pale lips. This look won't leave us any time soon.

Bardot was awarded such iconic status because her breakthrough in fashion, style, beauty and attitude came at a time when views were still somewhat old fashioned and she knocked down some of those old style barriers to create the modern woman.

She retired from acting in the 1970s and moved to St Tropez where she has subsequently devoted her life to animal activism.


editorial, iconsBy Kerrie W