Insight - The Perfect Cup Of Tea

I am not fussy, people who know me might think otherwise. But I don't think I am fussy, I like this and that, you know, most things. But what I am is very particular, so this and that has to be to my specific requirements. This couldn't be more evident than when it comes to making a cup of tea.

There is only one way to make a cup of tea and that is the way I make it, in a stainless steel teapot. If you hand me a builders cup of tea I will know instantly, even before I have tasted it, the look and smell will give it away. I don't like it too strong, in fact I don't like it strong at all, or too weak but more on the weak side. 

So, for the best cup of tea in the world for one, once the kettle has boiled, rinse your stainless steel teapot with hot water to warm up the pot, then put one tetley teabag in the teapot and add enough water that would equate to 2 cups. I do this because I like to brew my tea until I know it is really hot without it getting too strong. Put it on the hob and let it brew.....Then, and this is equally important, add your milk to your cup first (it does make a difference – don't show me anyone adding milk to a black cup of tea!). And lastly, pour your properly brewed tea from the teapot into your cup and enjoy! I would still only use 1 teabag for 2 cups of tea and brew it for longer. No-one has ever told me that I make a bad cup of tea, quite the opposite actually (my husband has been drinking my tea for a number of years and he will still comment on the good cup of tea I hand him). And you know how it is in families, there is always a few that are known for bad tea makers. I remember the first time I made a cup of tea for one of my friends and we were chatting away and I could see her watching me and she stopped me in mid sentence to ask me what I was doing. I really thought more people made it like me.

As no-one can beat me (as far as I'm concerned of course) on the tea front, it means that I rarely order tea if I'm out and when I'm at friends I will drink coffee (which I'm not a big fan of). There is one place that does good tea, and that's Costa Coffee (they use Twinings Everyday). I could count on one hand (and I wouldn't need all fingers) the number of people who can make me a cup of tea and get it right. All my family members have teapots, just for me, and that is no exaggeration. They all make builders tea. Most of their teapots live in the cupboard and only come out when I visit.

My list of prerequisites for drinking tea goes further than this.... 

Do not give me a cup of tea without something to eat, even if it's a plain biscuit. After all the trouble I go to to make the cup of tea, I couldn't drink it without a biscuit. And here in lies my problem. I would never eat chocolate on it's own, well I would eat a box of cadbury's roses with a bottle of champagne but this is on occasion (not the champagne part, that happens more often) and I would never drink a cup of tea without chocolate (or a biscuit). But when I get the two together it is heavenly. One of the reasons I will drink coffee at friends houses is because not everyone will offer you a biscuit with your tea so to be on the safe side I drink coffee (which very strangely I don't like with a biscuit – how weird am I?!). When I am in my family members houses, they will warn me if there is no biscuits.

What else.....oh yes, I gulp my tea down while it is hot, as soon as the temperature drops, I can't drink it. My husband will leave his tea for 5 minutes and go back to it (I'm gagging!). A builders cup of tea comes too strong and not very hot. So, when I sit down to a cup of tea and the phone rings, I will not answer it because a) I don't want my moments of pleasure to be interrupted b) if I answer it my tea will start going cold and c) I need two hands, one for the tea and one for the chocolate!

I don't know if I am bonkers or not?! I just like what I like!