Our 1st Birthday Party

Life has just celebrated it's 1st birthday!  And what a successful year we have had.  We have gone from strength to strength with lots of learning curves along the way.  The things you learn along the way is amazing.  This isn't about work, it's about life.  A job in this industry is an absolute pleasure.  It genuinely never feels like work.  Because the things you are learning and writing about are things that are of genuine interest to our daily lives.

We have a fantastic team at Laundry and I would like to extend my personal thanks to them individually.  We've had lots of laughs and a few tears along the way but it has made us stronger and after one full year together we have grown to respect each other.  We gel well together!  Well done team x.

I would also like to extend my gratitude to all our fabulous readers who have enjoyed our magazine every bit as much as we have.  Without you, there wouldn't be a magazine.  As cliched as that they sound, it's the bloody truth.  You guys are our blood line.  It's very much appreciated, thanks for sticking with us.

We, of course have lots of treats in store for you for our 2nd year and as long as the industry keeps producing amazing beauty products, fashion, food, design and general interesting life stories, we will talk about it.

Love to you all,
Kerrie W xx


P.S. Even our old accountant joined in!


editorial, insightsBy Kerrie W