The Art Of Eating Well

We don't need to introduce you to Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley of Hemsley & Hemsley. I don't think there are too many people who practice eating well, that don't know who these two sisters are and what they stand for. Basically, the Hemsley sisters have spent the last 10 years or so studying the art of eating well and self-practising their findings. With natural, unprocessed foods, they have developed recipes and ways of eating and shared these with us so that we can enjoy a healthier diet and lifestyle. Their recipes are full of flavour, making it much easier to enjoy healthy eating.

We have been slowly building up our recipe books for healthier eating and this one is our latest addition. And we're pleased to say that, although many of the authors of our recipe books have the same basic principles when it comes to diet and nutrition, their recipes are all different and so you end up with many recipes (some are similar with different takes on them) and choices. The more books you have, the more you find the confidence to experiment between recipes and you learn to know what goes best with what.

Hemsley & Hemsley start their book by giving advice on the principals behind eating healthy, what's good and what's not so good as well as the essentials you need to have in your kitchen. Then they launch into their recipes. Just when we thought we were becoming experts, we have certainly learned more from Hemsley & Hemsley. Recipes that you wouldn't have thought of, for example, you have heard of cauliflower rice, right?!, well why not try broccoli rice?! Or broccoli fritters with avocado dip. And we all know to take a courgette and spiralize it, in place of spaghetti. Well why not cut it into the shape of fat chips, coat it and bake in the oven to make courgette chips. This book is full of ideas that you just wouldn't think of yourself. We need these books! One of the first recipes we tried was Anytime Eggs (which despite it's name is also full of fresh vegetables), which we made for dinner along with socca bread. It was so delicious and filling but still light enough for lunch also.

This book gave us so many more options than we started out with on our journey to a healthier lifestyle and diet. It's good to have choices when it comes to meals. It stops you becoming bored and potentially giving up.

lifestyle, foodBy Regina Turk