The Ultimate Luminous Foundation

I have been on the search for a new foundation to replace my all time favourite foundation which has been reformulated and no longer does what I want it to do. What I want from a foundation is a medium coverage which will even out my skin tone (without masking it) and provide me with the youthful glow I once possessed. My all time favourite foundation that ticked all the boxes for me was YSL Touche Eclat and I have been using this for a couple of years. Unfortunately, not any more! I was initially quite excited about the relaunch of this product because it promised slightly more coverage. However, in the process it has lost it's luminosity. Which for me meant that I lost my glow, the foundation emphasised my pores more than before and it gave me a more matt finish (not something I relish in a foundation). Luckily I discovered this with a sample and wasn't a waste of money (bear this in mind when you are trying a new foundation). If you are young and already have a natural glow and no enlarged pores, this will be great for you.

But for me, it was onwards and upwards. I started with Laura Mercier, with their tinted moisturiser in mind (knowing it gets great reviews). I use By Terry Terrybly Densiliss, a truly fabulous foundation (see our review here) on days when I want a full makeup look. However, during the week, unless I'm going somewhere important, I prefer a toned down makeup look, so a more natural foundation please. So, I went to the Laura Mercier counter to enquire about the tinted moisturiser and the assistant mentioned Candleglow to me (which I had recently read good reviews on). So she matched me up for colour and sent me off with a tester (don't think she was too impressed that I asked for a sample rather than buy the product!). That sample proved invaluable, because I have since bought the product.

I hate the cliche that is used to describe some foundations as 'skin-like' because in my book, if I put a foundation on my skin I know it's there, no matter how light weight it is. But yes, I am now going to use the phrase because it is the best way to describe the Laura Merier Canleglow Soft Luminous Foundation. Not only in terms of how it feels but also how it looks, it is really like the skin I use to have many years ago. When I wear this, I look like I have great skin, not like I'm trying to hide something. One of the other reason I get this look is because I don't believe I have ever worn a foundation that is an exact match to my skin colour (my colour is macadamia) so there is no difference between my face and neck once I apply the foundation.

This foundation provides the perfect amount of glow in the most natural way I have ever seen, no shine, gloss or greasiness. It evenly smooths across your face, doesn't get into any pores or fine lines and keep your skin hydrated. It's marketed as a medium coverage but I would say it is more light-medium coverage.

If I had one slight negative about it, it's that by evening when I came to take it off, I noticed that it had stared to wear off naturally (not something I ever have with a foundation) but I didn't use a primer (something the counter assistant advised me to do) so this isn't an issue if you wear a primer underneath.

We're really impressed with this one!