Soap & Glory Bath and Body Range

Sometimes, the world of beauty can be about wanting to make a purchase because it is aesthetically pleasing and it will look pretty damn good sitting on the shelf.  Ok, we're being a little bit flippant here, you wouldn't buy a moisturiser because you liked the packaging, this is always an added bonus (and does play a part in drawing our attention to it).  But in this case, it must perform as we need it to.

Bodycare, however, is something that I tend to shop for with the packaging in mind.  I want my shower gels and my body cream to look good in the bathroom.  When guests are staying over, I want them to see nice bottles and tubes siting around aimlessly, like it's the norm.  No supermarket brands in my those for partners who use a quarter of a tube of shower gel per shower and kids who just waste it!

Hello Soap & Glory!  As you can see for yourself, the packaging of this brand is fabulous, it's fun and cheeky (partner the pun!) and looks great displayed on the bathroom shelf.  Although they do a whole range of beauty products, including skincare and makeup, Laundry particularly love their Bath & Body range.  A little bit more expensive than throwing in a shower gel or body cream into your shopping trolly, it isn't mega expensive.  A shower gel, for example, costs £5.50.  

With this brand, you don't have to compromise with quality over a sexy looking bottle.  Their products are so gorgeous and make you feel that little bit more special when using them.  The scents are divine, subtle but still packs enough punch to fragrance both you and the bathroom.  The shower gels get to work with no messing around.  Used on a shower puff, one squirt is enough for one shower because it lathers up so well (I can't write this without sounding cheeky!).  And you do get what you pay for because, unlike most cheaper shower gels, this one does not leave your skin feeling dry.  So, even though you should always apply body cream after a shower, if you were pushed for time, you could skip it on the odd occasion and your skin wouldn't start to flake.  We've tried most of the shower gels and our favourite is the Shower Jelly in Original Pink.  Soap & Glory describe it as a jellyjuice texture, which fits perfectly.  It has the most fabulous fruity scent of rose and bergamot.

The body moisturisers comes in lotions, creams or butters to suit us all, depending on how dry your skin is.  Again, the scents are incredible, not overpowering but linger subtly on your skin.  Our favourite at the moment is The Righteous Butter Body Lotion, a light weight lotion that absorbs pretty much right away to leave your skin soft, smooth and smelling irresistible.  The smell is of bergamot, peach, vanilla and sandalwood, so works well with our current favourite shower gel.  The smell is somewhat androgynous, which I personally love, it's quite a seductive scent.  I do spend the evening following my bath smelling my arms.  And there is nothing better than slipping into your bathrobe the next morning which still holds that scent....Mmmm..... It costs £10 but this is for 500ml!

The great thing about the Soap & Glory bath & body range is that it is difficult to find a scent that you don't like, so you can mix it up and change your current favourites.  There are no favourites as such, just your favourite right now!  Head over to Boots to find your favourite.