Icon: Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham is a woman that we, at Laundry magazine, respect as a person, a talented fashion designer and a successful business woman.  This is a woman who could teach us a thing or two about determination and sheer hard work to achieve whatever we want in life.  Victoria Beckham is someone who has had to work very hard to get where she is. It can be true that “it's about who you know and not what you know” that helps you progress in life but in the fashion world, it's quite different.  You won't succeed because you were once in a girl band or are married to a famous footballer.  No, in the fashion world, I would say that you have more to prove and therefore have to work harder if you are already famous.  She will admit herself that growing up she had to put in hard work to achieve her goals, it didn't come naturally to her.  To her family and friends Victoria is a very loyal person who is determined, hard working and very funny.  One of her best friends Eva Longoria is often quoted as saying Victoria is a very funny girl.

It was a brave move that she moved into the world of fashion.  Let's face it, you need hardcore stamina for that world and it's not exactly known for it's generosity.  You have to pull out all the stops to prove yourself.  To the outside world Victoria Beckham was a member of a girl band, which may have earned her credit at the time but not in the long term.  Once that career ended, or the frenzy around the Spice Girls faded, she was just a WAG, right?!  Oh no, Mrs Beckham had other plans.  A new career that would see her earn real respect around the world.

Victoria Beckham exudes elegance, sophistication, charm and beauty.  She is empowering to other women.  She's real! She's energetic! 

The Victoria Beckham brand very much sums up her personality, with elegant and sophisticated ranges which are very wearable, timeless and classic.  She is of course most famous for her dresses which are beautifully structured, body conscious silhouettes.  This was a signature look that she developed early on in her collections and remains a core in her business today, but as she has grown in confidence she has created some softer clothing like jumpers, long skirts and slouchy trousers. Her latest collection (S/S '17) is the one where she felt like she came into her own. Many of her creations have become popular on the red carpet.  She caters for the real woman because she understands the real woman.  But she also injects an element of fun into her clothing line.

The results of Victoria Beckham's sheer hard work, positivity and big dreams has paid off and is extraordinary.  Victoria Beckham is thriving!