Sunday Morning Walks

The Sunday morning walk is one of the most invigorating things you can possibly do with your week. It's one of those traditions that will never outdate. We're not talking mountain climbing, just a nice long stroll around a stately home, a park, along the beach, through the woods, throughout the quiet(er) streets of the city or in the country. Whoever you are or wherever you live, it costs you nothing to get up on a fine Sunday morning, get your comfy shoes on and get that deep sense of tranquillity that you experience with fresh air (even city walkers will experience cleaner air on a Sunday morning). I guarantee you that this walk be wake you up and make you feel more alive, recharged and relaxed than you have done all week. And the best thing about it, is that you can go for a pub lunch afterwards and not feel guilty about having a sweet.

Nothing will clear your mind better than a walk, it's exercise without even realising it, and this coupled with closeness to nature has been proven to improve mood and brain function. You may walk to work, you may walk to see a friend or you will walk around the shops on a Saturday but you will always be on a mission with a million things going around in your head. This is why the Sunday morning walk is so much more healthy and carefree, particularly if you take a route that you would not usually be on. You can absorb new surroundings, smells and people. Walking through the park or woods will take you back to your childhood and remind you of the innocence of collecting conkers and leaves (remember school nature walks?!), or shells along the beach. A stolen moment of childhood and innocence! Memories that can never be taken away from you and deserve to be revisited now and again.

There is something about the peacefulness of heading out on a Sunday morning while it's still early enough that most people haven't left their homes yet and so you feel like you have the world to yourself, and then slowly you start to see everyone else waking up to start the day. A bit like doing the walk of shame in the early hours after a night out (only without the headache, staunch smell of stale alcohol and lost memories!). Sunday morning walks are more precious to us in Autumn and Winter because we have less daylight hours and it really takes a lot of persuasion to head out on a dark evening.

And don't worry, if Sundays for you is all about staying in your pyjamas, then all you have to do when you get back is slip into your pj's again, get the fire going, and snuggle up with a book or film.