Creative Interview With Artist Marc Nemorin

This week as part of our Creative Interview series we caught up with the uber talented mixed media artist  Marc Nemorin.

Marc is an Australian based mixed media and multi media artist with a proclivity for studying non-conformists.  His explosive works celebrate the individual and encourage the viewer to uncover the mystery of the subject.

Marc recently exhibited some of his work at Brick Lane Gallery, London as part of a portraits group show. His work is unique and striking and his portrait illustrations are outstanding.

Examples of his portrait work can be found on his website and you can buy pieces on his online gallery store. Particular favourites in the Laundry office are his illustrations of Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop although his work of unfamiliar portraits are just as eye catching.

You can see examples here but do check out Marc's website and his beautiful work and you will see why we rave about him and why we all want our portraits doing!

We caught up with Marc recently to ask him the all important Laundry Creative Interview questions:


Laundry - Three words to describe you?

Energetic, driven, focused.

Three words to describe your work?

Contemporary, bold, explosive.

When did you decide you wanted to be a artist?

I’ve always had a creative lean. Started my career as a graphic designer, illustrating on and off for about 20 years or so. Nothing too serious. The turning point came when I acknowledged my deep personal need to create without compromise. I sharpened my focus on what really made me happy and what I loved, and it sparked into something exhilarating. As a result, portraiture became my method of story telling. Portraits enhance a moment, elevate a subject and reveal a beautiful truth about someone. As the subject, your individuality is celebrated and made permanent. As the viewer, you have an intimate sense of personality, state of mind and place in time. Being a conduit of that energetic exchange between viewer and subject is incredibly exciting.

Who is your favourite artist?

Molly Crabapple. She came on my radar when Vice published her illustrations about Guantanamo. Her work was a key driver for my transition from design to illustration.

What else inspires you other than art and design?

Meeting people who are passionate about who they are and what they do. As part of a recent group show in London, I did a portrait of an unsung hero, Brandon Bear. His work in the past focused heavily on sexual and physical health of youth in marginalised communities and now centres around decreasing stigma regarding mental health in young people. I wanted to explore this through a portrait that celebrates his distinctive personality which both sets him aside from the average person and at the same time enables him to contribute so much to his community.

Through Illustration, I’ve had the privilege to meet with some amazing people and help share their story. For that I’m extremely grateful and humbled.

What music do you listen to when working?

This week it’s The Black Keys, Blondie and Iggy Pop.

What inspires your work?

Fringe dwellers, mavericks, non-conformists, creative vanguards, spiritual connectors and social change makers.

What city inspires you the most?

At this stage, cities don’t inspire me. Recently I’ve relocated to Avoca Beach, a suburb a couple of hours north of Sydney. I prefer living close to the beach. From my window, I can hear the waves and smell the sea. Life is good.

What do you dislike about the art / design industry?

Art categorisation bothers me. Fine art, graphic art, commercial art, high brow, low brow etc. If it evokes an emotional response, it's art. 

Where can we see your work?

Along with published illustrations, you can see my work at or you can follow me on Instagram where I put sneak peaks of works in progress @marcnemorin.

What future projects are you working on?

Apart from commissions, I’m working on 3 series at the moment. One is a study of the Australian coastal lifestyle, another is a collection of Heroes. I’m also planning one that celebrates Sydney’s LGBTQI community. I’m always percolating… 


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All Images copyright Marc Nemorin