Farewell Caroline Aherne

he amazingly talented Caroline Aherne, who passed away at the weekend, has left behind a comedy legacy that we can all agree will be hard to beat. It's a little (or not so little) space left in the comedy world that will not be filled. How many times do you all quote from The Royale Family or sit at home and feel like you are in an episode of the famous sitcom, co written by Aherne. It was only a couple of weeks ago that I myself got up from the sofa and said aloud (to no-one in particular) "I better do the dishes" to which my husband replied "Well, it won't do itself Babs...".

The troubled and vulnerable star lost her battle with cancer and was taken from us far too soon at the age of 52. It was a well known fact the Aherne struggled with alcohol and depression down the years and in her privateness had become somewhat a recluse in recent years. She was well loved and respected in the industry and many of her family, friends and colleagues paid wonderful tributes to her, expressing their sorrow and love. Sue Johnston, her on-screen mum in The Royale Family, said 'I'm devastated at her passing and I am numb with grief.'

Her raw talent and style of comedy was very unique to her, making us laugh and cry with laughter. There are many tears being shed now, not from laughter, but instead sadness. As Mrs Merton, she invited so many celebrities to join her on the sofa and by playing innocent, she managed to playfully gain a laugh at their expense. It was in fact her sense of humour that helped the star deal with her illness. She worked with Macmillian Cancer and attended charity events, projecting her laughs onto others at times when it was most needed.

No one to fill her boots!

RIP Caroline Aherne, you will be sadly missed.

Photos: sources acknowledged; thank you to the BBC

editorial, artsBy Kerrie W