Gillette Venus Mini Razor


It's one of those necessary inconvenient tasks that is boring but must be done. Beautifying ourselves is always a treat that we embrace but shaving is not one of them, despite the fact that we feel, and definitely look, much better afterwards. 

We have found a little gem of a product in this department. It's a mini razor in it's own case, making it easy to store and easy to travel with. However, when we say mini, we don't mean the blade itself, its the same size as normal razors (no compromises there!). The mini part relates to the handle, which may seem a bit fiddly at first but it doesn't take long to get the hang of it. This razor is obviously designed for travelling and convenience but it's as easy to use all the time.

I personally prefer to wax my legs but the problem with summer is that you have to keep on top of erasing the hair if you want to get your legs out. With waxing it's advised to let them grow a bit for maximum benefit (fine in the winter). And hair removal creams are great but they are messy and more time consuming. Standing in the middle of the bathroom waiting for it to do it's job is like watching paint dry, there is very little else you can do in the meantime. Believe me I've tried and I just end of rubbing half of it off! So, shaving is the only option for me in the summer. Of course, underarms have to be shaved all the time, unless you're very brave and get waxed under your arms. I've never been brave enough to try it but to be honest I don't have a lot of hair in this area so a quick shave works for me.

This razor is so convenient because all you have to do is wet it to activate it and then get down to business. No faffing around with shaving creams or soap. It feels so smooth you don't even realise you have a razor going across your skin.

It's usually £9.99 but amazon have it on offer at the moment for £4.98.