World Premiere Of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

There was no other place to be last night than at the world premiere of the much awaited movie Absolutely Fabulous. The stars, including the most important leading ladies, came out for the gold (not red) carpet in much the same fashion as they did for the movie itself considering there is an unheard of amount of celebrity cameo appearances in the film.


Draped in glamour, style and beauty, the chances are that if you spotted a celebrity, they will appear in the movie once you hit the cinemas this weekend to see it. 

Kate Moss and best friend Stella McCartney were guaranteed to be there as they both make an appearance in the movie, Kate drowning at the hands of Eddy!

Julia Sawalha, who plays Eddy's daughter Saffy, showed up to the event with her toyboy boyfriend Luke Hollingworth (a bit of a dish!) whom she met on the set of the movie.

Kylie Minogue also showed up with her toyboy Joshua Sasse (also a bit of a dish by the way!) whom she is engaged to. She wore a fabulous long red dress.

John Paul Gaultier, who has had numerous mentions on the show over the years was another must on the gold carpet.

There weren't many that were associated with the movie that didn't make an appearance last night, including Jane Horrocks who plays Bubble, June Whitfield, Jordan Dunn, Daisy Lowe, Emma Bunton, Lily Cole...the list could go on....fellow comedian and friend Dawn French was of course in attendance.

And if it wasn't a celebrity you spotted it will have been a drag queen, who were out in force.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie is out in cinemas on Friday 1st July. We don't need to tell you that this is one not to be missed!




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