Saatchi Gallery Presents Painters' Painters

The Saatchi Gallery in London presents its new exhibition PAINTERS’ PAINTERS: Artists of today who inspire artists of tomorrow, featuring the work of nine present-day painters ranging from their 30s to their 60s.

DEXTER DALWOOD -  Kurt Cobain's Greenhouse, 2000

DEXTER DALWOOD - Kurt Cobain's Greenhouse, 2000

In an age where painting has become one strand among many in contemporary art making, Painters’ Painters brings together a small group of distinctive figures in the field.

The exhibition focuses on a group of artists who have been undeterred by the gradual decline in interest in this perennial art form. 

MARTIN MALONEY -  Saplings, 2004

MARTIN MALONEY - Saplings, 2004

There is no discernible style or movement these artists belong to, and as an exhibition, it examines the very individualistic and nonconformist approaches explored by painters who are proving to be inspirational to a younger generation of artists emerging from the world’s leading art schools.

DAVID SALLE -  Mr. Lucky, 1998

DAVID SALLE - Mr. Lucky, 1998

Painters’ Painters features the work of Richard Aldrich, David Brian Smith, Dexter Dalwood, Raffi Kalenderian, Ansel Krut, Martin Maloney, Bjarne Melgaard, Ryan Mosley and David Salle. 

The exhibition will take place 30 November 2016 - 28 February 2016.

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