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Kate Moss has set up her own modelling and talent agency. Since leaving Storm, the modelling agency she has been part of since the beginning of her own modelling career 27 years ago, she has been working on setting up Kate Moss Agency. At the same time she has joined Instagram, not coincidentally, as she has recognised the move within the industry that is placing more importance on models who are assuming a strong presence in the world of social media, models like Gigi Hadid and Kendal Jenner (anyone heard of these two?!).  

The Kate Moss Agency Website - We can't wait to see more !

The Kate Moss Agency Website - We can't wait to see more !

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Kate's popularity still as great as ever especially on instagram


Things have stepped up in the world of modelling, as models are expected to manage their presence on social media and not just on the catwalk.  And this is no easy feast with 24.8m followers on Instagram (Gigi Hadid). But Kate Moss, having been through it all, the highs and lows, has a wealth of experience within the modelling industry, particularly as she is one of the longest standing models, the only one from the 1990s era supermodels who still has a career in modelling.

In her interview with Business of Fashion, she explains that model agencies hire models to be the face of a product/brand but are not associated with the brand.  She wants to marry the two and do more collaborations, something she said is important to her.

Kate Moss holds so much power in the fashion world, just for being who she is. Her attitude, good looks, aloofness have all contributed to her success and iconic status. Even when she did wrong, she received support for 'being human'. And it seems her talents are endless as she moves on to this next phase in her life.

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