Creative Interview with Musician Johnny Lewis

Johnny Lewis is a musician and producer based out of Los Angeles and primarily is involved in underground EDM. He currently fronts the collective known as Prettier Than You and has written and produced work for advertising, film and TV.

He currently resides in Mondrian, LA, with his wife Nora and their six cats called Achord, Bchord, Cchord, Dchord, Echord and yes Fchord. 

Laundry was delighted to speak to Johnny with a crate of Budweiser and our Creative Interview questions:

Three words to describe you?

I Am Robot

Three words to describe your work?

White, noise, creations

When did you decide you wanted to be a musician?

I have been attracted to music and playing music since my childhood, but at various stages of my life different things were important to me so the priority has changed over the years from listening and playing to producing and encouraging.

So I guess the answer is always.

Who is your favorite musician?

It may be an obvious answer but it has to be Bowie. It is not just about his music as I find I love loads of it and then struggle with loads of it. It is more deeper than that, it is about soul.

What else inspires you other than music?

When you travel as much as I do and visit places with differing cultures and focus then that is always an inspiration. Sadly unless you visit some out there places then the world is becoming "samey", apple and starbucks permeating everyones daily lives and less and less local focal points. This is not a step forward.

What music do you listen to when working?

Well, when recording or writing or producing I keep away from everything so it does not have an influence on the creative process. So I can go months without even listening to anything but our own sounds and quiet. Sometimes after a long day the peace and quiet and the sounds of my cats purring is music to me.
But if I have to say then at the moment, I am listening to Moby's new album. I like the angry punk vibe and the message "These Systems Are Failing" is how a lot of us feel right now.

What inspires your work?

Pretty much everything around me, happy and sad, good and bad. Starting to sound like Moby now !

What city inspires you the most?

I grew up in small town USA, in California and LA and NYC always had a big draw to me but now I find that "small town USA" influences me more and more than those metropolis mega domes of coffee houses, malls and mega-fashion stores.

What do you dislike about your industry?

There is no investment in letting things grow anymore. If it is not instant it is gone. Many of the artists we all admire would not make it now as they simply would not be given the time to develop. Albums are virtually dead to people now, they want instant hit songs, no time to listen, no time to develop. Damn you Spotify and iTunes. In the 80s and 90s, getting to a rave or underground club required a huge level of commitment. There was no Facebook, Twitter, you had to seek it out and find out and embrace it or not. This level of commitment to music I fear has now long gone and will never happen again while our younger generation have too much access to too much. And they like Ed Sheeran. I am ranting again....

Where can we hear work?

You will find our stuff if you search hard enough on underground stations across the world and in the clubs that are left that appreciate innovation and experimentation.

What future projects are you working on?

At the moment after speaking to you I am working on getting my way through this six pack of Bud. Then I will head off into the night and find a gig to go to or visit some friends in clubs I visit or Skybar and then I shall see as always were life takes me. I am a one day at a time kinda' guy.