Scamp & Dude - A "Superheroes" Kids Range

Scamp & Dude is a new unisex and stylish collection of children's clothing, with a team of very special "superheroes" at the heart of it. The brand was created by Jo Tutchener-Sharp and the inspiration behind the brand came from a very personal and devastating experience. Jo spent a lengthy time in hospital and underwent life threatening brain surgery. Adding to these horrific circumstances, Jo was utterly heart broken at having to leave her children for so long. The idea for the brand thus came to her, to create something to help children feel more secure when apart from their loved ones, for whatever reason.

The Scamp & Dude clothing line features cute, stylish superhero motifs and bold prints. The superheroes include the overwhelmed but incredibly brave dinosaur, the bunny with attitude, the tremendously tough balloon man and the mysterious feline force that is cat girl. The collection features a range of super soft jersey basics in hues of coral and teal. The slogan for the brand, which appears on some of the clothing is "a superhero has my back", giving kids the all important sense of security and confidence. The collection includes sweatshirts, t-shirts, leggings, hoodies, 'Superhero Sleep Buddies', wall stickers and swag bags alongside adult sizes of some of the hoodies.

At the heart of the collection is the Superhero Sleep Buddy, which are cushions available in two adorable superhero characters, bursting with special superpowers to watch over the child at night and keep them safe. The Superhero Sleep Buddy also contains a pocket for photographs of loved ones, to keep them close by, no matter how far away they are or for whatever reason. Scamp & Dude work with a famous London children’s hospital to gift seriously poorly children in intensive care (whose parents are unable to sleep over with them) a Superhero Sleep Buddy. They also work with the children’s charity, Don’t Forget The Kids, who work with children whose parents have cancer or have sadly passed away. 

The clothing is so adorable and the brand is available at Liberty, London and can also be bought online at Scamp & Dude.


fashion, editorBy Kerrie W