Trailer For 'Trainspotting 2' Just Dropped And It's Awesome !

When you hear a sequel is being made of a classic film, your heart rises with joy and emotion and then drops again because you want it to be so good and often they just aren't.  It can often be the ruination of a classic. Danny Boyle's Trainspotting twenty years on is a genuine classic and is still as incredible as it was when it was released.  So when a sequel was announced all our hearts sank a little.

BUT the trailer has just dropped for T2 Trainspotting by Danny Boyle and it looks amazing and already is the must see film of 2017.

The film sees all the original cast reunited along with an update of the iconic  "Choose Life" voice-over, opening with: "Choose life, choose Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hope that someone, somewhere cares."

The sequel will see all the main characters Renton, Begbie, Sick Boy and Spud return, although plot information is not being shared, but author Irvine Welsh has said the gang apparently finds a "very innovative" way into the pornography industry. Drugs, drinking, run-ins with the law and Begbie being a psychopath again, all seem to feature as well. 

Trainspotting 2 comes out on January 27th 2017 in the UK and February 3rd in the US.

Looks awesome and can't wait to see it hit the screens.

See the full trailer below.

lifestyle, artsBy dBreathe