Christmas Movie Night In!

It's Christmas Friday night in! It is compulsory to get together with one of your best friends (too many and you just end up talking through it!) and watch Love Actually followed by The Holiday with a bottle (or two!) of champagne and some chocolates. These are two of the best feel good xmas movies ever (well, of modern times - It's a Wonderful Life is in another league). I'm talking more from a romantic girly perspective. Depending on my mood, I may watch these on my own to avoid interruptions and you don't have to share your champagne!

On my list of things to do at xmas, like order the turkey and make mince pies, is watch these movies. I actually plan them into my diary. Love Actually is brilliant because no matter how many times I watch it, I always find myself saying "Oh yeah, I forgot about that story". And my heart breaks every time Emma Thompson's character finds the necklace, to later find out it wasn't for her. Apart from this bit, it is a real feel good movie. And then we have The Holiday! All I can say is that I wish I was stuck in an old cottage in a small English village with nothing to do and then Jude Law raps on the door. This movie makes me feel so Christmassy and romantic.

Romance, champagne, chocolates and Christmas movies go hand in hand!

lifestyleBy Lauren Posey