Welcome to 2017!

Welcome to 2017! A new year lies ahead of us and we have many resolutions and promises to ourselves to start us off. Some of these we'll keep and some of them we won't but let's not beat ourselves up about it because that's life, some we might even decide aren't right for us after all. I like making resolutions. It gets my mind focused and helps me plan for a new year. I'm not fooling myself, after all 1st Jan is only one day after 31 Dec, life is not suddenly going to change before my very eyes. But it is a good time of the year to make positive changes to our lives, we've had lots of down time over the Christmas break, time for our minds to unwind and clear of the stresses leading up to Christmas (both personally and due to work). I always find getting towards the end of the Christmas break, I am feeling quite positive about getting back to work with fresh ideas, I have eaten too much and parked my workout routine so I am eager to get back in shape and I have seen lots of family and friends so all the guilty feelings of not taking enough time out to see them has gone. I am therefore starting 2017 with a clean slate. I'm not thinking of a month down the line when it will start to creep up again, no, I'm enjoying this very moment.  

2016 went out with quite a bang with all the celebrity deaths but don't let that overshadow the year. Good things are always going to happen and bad things are always going to happen, it's how we deal with them that counts. Think fondly and kindly of the people close to you that you have lost this year, carry their memories with you into the new year and cherish them, the memories of loved ones are in themselves precious. And be thankful for everything you have.

I would like to thank you all for your company last year and look forward to welcoming you back this year. As always, we are continually working towards new and exciting articles for our magazine so that when you are taking down time you are receiving the enjoyment you deserve.

I wish you all every health and happiness for 2017!

Kerrie W

By Kerrie W