Trish McEvoy Lip Colour

Nude lip colour is one of those products that can be very difficult to find the right one but we seem to be discovering great finds in this department at the moment. If it's not the right shade for you, it can really make you washed out looking and fail to pull your entire makeup look together. It's sometimes better to go for a nude with a slightly more hint of colour to it. I probably prefer more of a sheer lip colour than a true nude. Which is why I am loving this new lipstick from Trish McEvoy (new to me, not her). It's from her Lip Colour range and it's called Nude Pink. So very much within the nude family but it just has that little bit more pinkness to it than many others I have tried.

Applying this lipstick is so luscious, it has a gorgeous silky texture with an abundance of moisture. The formula is actually infused with a peptide-building complex to boost lips’ moisture levels and volume. It has a very nourishing minty flavour which has a cooling effect on your lips so you know it is hydrating your lips, almost like a coloured lip balm. 

And the colour I am absolutely loving, probably the best nude lip colour I currently own. It's without a doubt a nude pink but with enough colour to lift a true nude to life.

This is definitely one worth trying if you are in the market for nude pinks. It costs £22.