What does Wimbledon mean to you?


British summer would not be complete without Wimbledon. There are so many nostalgic reasons to watch this tennis tournament. Remember school summer holidays when you could watch every televised match and you picked your favourite player for no other reason than you liked the look of him/her (come to think of it, this is still the case!). This was the only time of the summer that you didn't mind if it rained (as long as it didn't rain at Wimbledon, of course!) cos then you had an excuse to stay in. However, once the match was over, you wanted sunshine so that you could go out and practice becoming a world star tennis player. How many of you dreamed of being a top tennis player during Wimbledon but didn't give it a second thought at any other time of the year?!

Then we grew up and and had to work for a living, so the days of lazying around during the summer holidays were over and all we could do was catch the evening highlights show, if we were lucky (other things became important in the evenings after a long day at work). The result of which was you started to lose touch of who the top players were. 

But we've come full circle again, with so many mediums on which to watch the tournament, we can almost hand pick the ones we want to watch and if you're lucky enough to have a job where you can have one eye on the tennis from your iphone or ipad, even better! Thankfully, the finals are always at the weekend, so even if you haven't seen many of the matches, you can at least catch the finals. 

And I challenge anyone to watch Wimbledon and not feel the urge at some point to indulge in strawberries and cream!


There is just something about Wimbledon over any of the other tournaments that draws me towards tennis. It's much prettier to watch because a) it's on grass b) the white attire rule and c) celebrity spotting in the crowds. Although it's been debated, the white uniform rule definitely makes for a more professional image. In some of the other tournaments, the players look like they are just having a play around.

Fashion plays a major role at Wimbledon, both through the celebrity spotting and on the court itself, with Stella McCartney this year designing for Kerber, Muguruza and Wozniacki, taking the technology required and bringing it to a cool, modern level, while maintaining sustainability. It's very important to look good as well as play good, after all, some of your favourite players (whether you know it or not) are chosen because you like what they were wearing!

So, whoever you are cheering on this year, we hope you are enjoying Wimbledon and indulging in the necessary (I prefer champagne with my strawberries please!).