Burberry Eyebrow Definer

Burberry's dual-ended eyebrow pencil and brush creates the most natural looking eyebrows by filling in gaps to achieve fuller looking brows. As you can see, it has a slanted tip for effortless application, along with it's powder texture. 

It's one of the best eyebrow pencils I've come across that is easily buildable. There is nothing worse than going in with an eyebrow pencil that lays down a lot of product on the first application, it's not so easy to remove it again. When I first used this one from Burberry (my colour is Sepia) I very carefully applied it (having made the mentioned mistake several times before) and at first I couldn't notice the product that much. I was strangely quite pleased because it wasn't a heavy product. So I went in for one or two more layers and achieved the exact intensity that I wanted.

I only have two eyebrow products on the go at the moment and I can't see myself changing them anytime soon. This one from Burberry and an eyebrow gel from Anastasia (see review here) which I love but for me this one is more dramatic for a full makeup look.

Burberry's eyebrow definer is a perfect everyday product as it's subtle and easy to apply but can be layered to the intensity that you need for that days makeup look. I personally wear subtle makeup or the 'no makeup' makeup look most of the time so I don't want my eyebrows too dark by comparison. If I take my makeup up a notch I can apply an extra layer or two for more definition. This is a very soft pencil and one that is worth trying if you are new to eyebrow pencils or just looking to try something new.

Start at the arch of the brow and use light strikes out towards the tail and then work on the inner corners.

It's priced at £22.50/$33.