Benefit Cheekathon

If you are into bronzer and blush, then the Benefit Cheekathon is definitely the product for you. By now, we all should know how wonderful the benefit bronzer is (we certainly do - read our review here). So, now you can get in this very pretty set along with 4 shades of highlighter and blusher. And you can use them all at the same time to achieve the most bronzed and radiant face ever! Or, you could just pick out your favourite for that day and wear it alone with the bronzer. All products in the set are full size and come with a natural bristle powder brush.

The set includes:
- Dandelion full-size
- Hoola full-size
- Rockateur full-size
- Dallas full-size
- CORALista full-size
- Mini powder brush

And to achieve the full look with all five shades, follow these simple instructions to kick up your cheeks:

Brush dandelion baby-pink brightening face powder over complexion to look radiantly pretty. Then sweep hoola bronzing powder across cheeks, chin and forehead for a soft-matte believable bronze.

Blend rockateur over cheekbones for a rockin’ rose gold flush that will wow the crowds!

Starting at hairline and working in, sweep dallas along cheeks for a sunset plum glow. Then smile & swirl CORALista, coral-pink blush, on the apples of cheeks for a warm, tropical flush.