Hand Cream Favourites

Hand cream is one of those products that you find in lots of places around the house, at work, in your handbag, basically in places of convenience for when you need it. I personally have one on my dressing table, in a cupboard in the living room, at my work desk and most importantly in my handbag because I always seem to get ready in the morning, doing everything I need to, and then get in the car, look down at my hands which are looking back at me and screaming 'you forgot the hand cream again!'. So, as long as there is always one in my handbag, no matter where I go, I'm sorted. 

For this reason I always have a few different ones on the go. I sometimes get a bit obsessed about buying new hand creams and end up with too many. I prefer hand creams to hand lotions, I don't find lotions nourishing enough but I do like them next to my hand wash in the bathroom for a quick solution and for guests. Currently, my favourite hand creams are:

1) Neal's Yard Geranium & Orange Hand Cream - this is a gorgeous rich cream which sinks into the skin right away and leaves absolutely no greasiness. You hands feels so smooth and soft immediately after applying it. This one is very nourishing and has a pleasant scent. It's £10/$14 for 50ml.

2) Atrixo Enriched Moisturising Cream - this is a great one to use sparingly as it is much cheaper at £2.50/$3.60 for 50ml (it is also available in 200ml). I have the 200ml which I leave at home. I tend to slather this on at times when I know I have nothing to do afterwards, quite often at night before I go to sleep. It can be a little greasy if you use it sparingly but otherwise it does sink in quite quickly, perhaps not as quick as Neal's Yard. It does effectively soften your hands and it contains camomile.

3) L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream - this award winning hand cream is a real favourite of mine (and obviously plenty of others!). It contains shea butter, honey and sweet almond extract making it super smoothing and nourishing. I love the smell of this one but there are numerous other scents to choose from. It's a thick cream that glides on and absorbs right away. I bought the 30ml purposely as it's perfect for my handbag, although it's not great value for money as it's £8/$12 compared to the 150ml at £19/$27.

My fetish for hand cream will not be over any time soon, so I'll keep you posted on any new ones that come along (I have a few recommendations to try!).