Book Review - A God In Ruins, Kate Atkinson

A very enjoyable book from Kate Atkinson. Beautifully written and a wonderful story. A God In Ruins follows the life of Teddy Todd from when he was a very well respected bomber pilot in World War II, a real hero though he does not see himself as this. As with many young men who survived the war, Teddy then goes on to live a life and future that he did not expect to see. He has to somehow pick himself up from the effects of the war and move forward.

The book highlights differing relationships and the complications that they can cause; between Teddy and his war comrades, Teddy and his wife, Teddy and his daughter, Teddy and his grandchildren and also the relationship between his daughter and her children. Life isn't always simple and straightforward but it's how you deal with things that matter. Atkinson portrays this in a brilliant way with both emotion and humour.

Her detail is very specific, particularly during the times when Teddy was flying the bomber planes in the war, it really made you feel like you were there with him. The book does travel back and forward in time which I can sometimes find off-putting but the author did this in a way that made sense, like the way you would just chat to someone about your life and you find yourself to-ing and fro-ing between different events in time in order to fill in the gaps and explain things. 

I can't compare this to any of her other books as this is the first one I have read from Kate Atkinson. I will certainly be reading more from her, starting with Life After Life, which was released before this one. It follows the life of Teddy's sister and gets as good reviews as this one.