Clinique Chubby Stick

Makeup sticks are everywhere at the moment, in the form of eyeshadow, lipstick, blusher, foundation, pretty much anything comes in this form. They are very handy, particularly for throwing in your handbag for touch ups.

I have a few eyeshadow ones but hadn't tried the lipstick until a few months ago when I purchased a drug store brand (I don't honestly remember which brand) but I didn't get on well with it at all. I bought it for the colour, having seen it advertised but it was so drying I just couldn't use it. I spent all day licking my lips trying to moisturise them (it doesn't work!) and so eventually gave up on it and passed it on to someone else. My lips can be on the dry side but they are not in a desperate state.

This put me off them for a while until I came across the Clinique Cubby Stick and my faith in them was restored. I received this as part of a free gift from Clinique when I spent over £40 (this particular offer is no longer on but they do have another free gift offer for the same value spent). This chubby stick from Clinique is so fresh and moisturising it almost feels like a balm. They do actually call it a tinted balm. You feel like your lips are being hydrated while you wear it. I love it.

The colour I got is Super Strawberry which is a gorgeous highly pigmented rose shade. There is no compromising here as you get a lip treatment which nourishes your lips but at the same time you get full on colour. Some tinted lip balms are very sheer but if you prefer strong colour this is the one to get. They have a good range of colours available. The finish you get with these chubby sticks is a soft satin sheen, not a glossy finish and nowhere near matt. They are not sticky or greasy, just pure softness.