Air Dry Your Hair With Bumble And Bumble

Air drying your hair is going through a bit of a trend at the moment. Not sure why because it is basically just letting you hair dry naturally without the use of a hairdryer. But it's got a fancy new name and with that comes a whole load of fancy new products, which is great for us who would love to let our hair dry naturally (at least once a week anyway) but not quite found the products to help us achieve this look. I'm being a little factious because letting your hair dry naturally and letting it air dry has a subtle difference. You need good products to achieve this look, albeit in a minimum effort way. Letting your hair dry naturally means you couldn't care less or you intend tying it back.

Some of us are blessed with the type of hair that still looks really good when dishevelled, that beach wave look, others actually have to put a bit more effort in (ironically). It's the equivalent to the 'no makeup' makeup look. I can blow dry my hair to be really straight, even without using straighteners but left to dry alone it goes wild with a slight kink and more frizz. So I need a product to tame it while it drys naturally.

There is nothing wrong with good old mousse but there are better products on the market to help smooth out our hair whilst air drying and Bumble and Bumble's Don't Blow It is one of them. This product, which is a cream, keeps your hair smooth and frizz free, adding shine at the same time, and totally gives the rough textured look we all want. This is the best way to achieve the beach wave look. If I want my hair to have a proper wave through it, I use my Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl (see review here) but for a sexy structured wave, using this product, I have finally achieved this look (after almost giving up hope). Whilst mousse can leave your hair stiff and sticky Bumble and Bumble's Don't Blow It doesn't. Instead, it leaves it feeling so soft. I should point out that the first thing I do with my hair once I have washed it, is apply a hair oil, before any other product I may be using.

I've been playing around with different techniques with this product and it's air drying. Once I have applied Don't Blow It, I sometimes just scrunch my hair up a little to help the kink/wave to set. Other times I twist sections and let them dry, then shake them out. Sometimes I even tie my hair in a very loose bun once it is almost dry, this can also help with the kink it achieves. Play around with a few of these methods to achieve the best one for you.

beautyBy Kerrie Whair