The Power Of Makeup

Makeup was one of the best inventions ever. It empowers so many women.

As with fashion, makeup is a way for us to define ourselves, its our armour, part of our image to give us confidence in our lives. I, for one, could not walk into a bar in my loungewear and no makeup but I also wouldn't go to work dressed for a night on the town. Makeup gives us choices. It helps us to get into character for our many life roles. 

Some women, who lack a great deal of confidence, will be able to hold their head up and feign self-assurance for when they have to. Take a lazy Saturday morning, when you are chilling out at home with no makeup and lounge arounds and you pass a mirror and think “Oh my god, what do I look like?”. Then comes Saturday night and you are hitting the town, so you dress up and put your face on, then you pass a mirror and think “Not bad!”. As I said...”empowering!”. Or when you are sick and couldn't care less what you look like. But that first day when you feel better, nothing will make you feel like a new woman (apart from the illness leaving you) than putting on some makeup and leaving the house.

There are also those women who have serious concerns or problems areas with their skin and makeup is the only thing that will allow them to conceal these issues, again giving them the confidence and power to be themselves, not someone who is embarrassed or constantly worried about how their skin looks.

However, it's not always about putting on an image that we feel is more acceptable to those around us. Makeup is fun, there are so many different looks we can play with. It's just an extension of dressing up in your favourite clothes. There are those who think people that are into beauty are shallow but I say, life can be challenging at times so do what the hell you want if it puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good. Makeup can connect women and friendships and it's a great mother daughter bond. Most of us got our first makeup tips from our mothers or our favourite aunt. Certain makeup products or smells or brands create nostalgic emotions within us and take us back to our childhood when we wanted nothing more than to be grown up!

Beauty is not about how good looking a person is. I have done a double take on many women who may not have the prettiest face but they look absolutely fabulous because of their makeup. I have also seen many young girls, with youth on their side, who plaster on makeup and it looks awful but when you see them with minimal makeup they look so much prettier.

Makeup is about looking the best version of yourself. Who can argue with that?!!