Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue

To compliment Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Day cream and Magic Night cream is the equally wonderful Magic Eye Rescue "To Turn Back The Clock". It's an all round eye cream which targets many eye issues, dark circles, eye bags, crow's feet and fine lines. So you don't need to shop for a specific eye cream for your needs. This one has it all! The delicate area around the eyes is revitalised and becomes more firm. Charlotte calls this cream 'an eye lift in a tube'.

This eye cream is quite a heavy cream which is one of the many things I love about it. But for this reason I only use it at night. It takes quite a while to sink in so when I apply it, I head off to bed and let it do it's magic throughout the night. You definitely couldn't put this on in the morning and then apply makeup, however if you were having a lazy Sunday at home, it would be lovely to apply this in the morning too (especially if you had a not so lazy Saturday night!). I personally find that if you are using this Magic Eye Rescue at night, you don't need to apply another one in the morning, I tend to just take my moisturiser up to this area.

I hadn't actually been using an eye cream for some time, again just taking my moisturiser under my eye (along the bone) and this is the eye cream that got me back into using them (at night anyway). I had forgotten how pleasurable and comforting it is to treat this under eye area specifically with it's own cream. Of course, it helped that I used this truly amazing cream from Charlotte Tilbury. I don't think there is anything that Charlotte has done that she hasn't given 100%. I have become very trusting of this brand. I was initially attracted to it because it aesthetically looked fantastic and then when I started to try the products out, I was sold! I haven't had a bad one yet, in either the makeup or skincare ranges.

You must try this out!