Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk

Clinique Take The Day Off cleansers are fast becoming one of my all time favourite cleansers. Whether it's balm, milk or oil, or anything else for that matter, all long as it says "Take The Day Off" before it, I'll buy it! This range effectively removes all traces of makeup and sunscreen to leave a visibly clearer complexion. No frills attached, totally fragrance free, it is purely functional and bloody good at it. If you're looking for fancy fragrance and relaxing cleansers, then you need to shop elsewhere. This range is all about doing what needs to be done at the end of the day. If you are sensitive to scents, there is no better place to be than here.

I have a couple of cleansers that I use once or twice a week when I want to take time and massage a gorgeous luscious smelling balm into my skin and relax. For all other nights, I use Clinique's Take The Day Off. I generally use the balm (see our review here) to remove my makeup because I can spend as long as I feel I need to on massaging it into my skin to soften and remove my makeup. I will then use the milk as my second cleanse. I always use the milk for my morning cleanse. 

The cleansing milk in this range is not as fluid a consistency as some others so it doesn't run through your fingers but it is lighter than a cleansing cream. It's got a lovely silky texture. A very gentle cleanser which had no adverse effects on my skin at all. Although it's suitable for all skin types, it is particularly good for drier types. Whichever formula you prefer to use in this range, they are all equally as good at removing makeup and sunscreen, leaving your skin very soft without that tight after feeling.

I like to use a separate eye makeup remover and I am currently finishing off the Lancome one (to be reviewed). I have the Clinique Take The Day Off eye makeup remover waiting patiently for me so I will report back on it when tested.