Beauty Tip: Glowing Skin

Creating an all over glow is no easy task. It involves products such as primers, illuminating foundations, highlighters and so on. However, starting with your skin preparation is always key. So clean your face in the morning, as usual, apply your serum and moisturiser, give it a few minutes to sink in and then you are ready for your foundation.

And here is where our tip is: mix a little moisturiser in with your foundation and this will create a sheer and hydrated look, leaving your skin with an healthy glow before you have even started on your other products. Get your base right and you can't go wrong with the rest! My favourite moisturiser to mix with my foundation is Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief because it is a gel like texture, very light. I don't think this would work so well with a heavy moisturiser, unless of course you have very dry skin.

For days when you just want a tint to your skin instead of a full makeup look, I like to take half the amount of foundation I normally use and add my moisturiser to create a tinted moisturiser.