A Switch To Herbal Tea?!

In an attempt to make small healthy changes to your lifestyle, a switch to drinking herbal tea is not a bad step at all. Whether it's to replace regular tea, coffee, sugary drinks or even just to alternate the boringness that water can sometimes cause, fruit tea can be a great substitute.

I am partial to a real cup of tea, made a very particular way (see my article on the perfect cup of tea here). The problem with this is that I must have some chocolate (or a chocolate biscuit) with every cup of tea. I usually have 2 cups a day, one mid afternoon and one in the evening. So, for me, substituting a cup of tea is not only about the tea itself, it's also about reducing my current intake of chocolate/biscuits, which isn't a lot but it is daily. It's my only downfall to an otherwise healthy diet (although I do treat myself at the weekends!).

So, how am I getting on with my substituting? Well, I could probably do better but it's still a work in progress. I have been trying to make this transition on and off for a year or two now and the main problem was that I couldn't find a herbal tea that I liked enough to stick with it. I've tried supermarket own brands and Twinings, both of which leave me with a funny after taste which put me off. I stopped trying others thinking the same thing would happen, until I came across Teapigs and because they were about twice the price I thought they maybe had something more to offer. I was right. They offer a lovely rich fruity taste without any strange after taste. 

My favourite flavour is Super Fruits. I find it much easier to drink one of these without a biscuit but if I do fancy one I have been trying Belvita Cranberry biscuits which contains way less sugar than my usual chocolate biscuits. I would never have chocolate with a herbal tea, it just doesn't work for me. A cup of Teapigs Super Fruits is a really tasty alternative to caffeine or sugar rich drinks.

I have also tried Marks & Spencers Cranberry and Pomegranate which is also very tasty.

I find it quite easy now to sit down to a cup of herbal tea on its own when it is one of these. So, I am certainly on my way to substituting regular tea with herbals (unless the need for chocolate comes into play!).