Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen All The Way

I like to spend a lot of time (and money within reason) on face SPF creams but when it comes to suncare for my body, I am not as keen to part with much money.  And I don't believe you need to.  Face SPF is a very different ball game, you have to be choosy because we all have very specific concerns in this department, the most common one being breakouts when we have to constantly re-apply suncream when sunbathing.  

So when it comes to buying SPF for my body, I will look to normal drugstore brands.  My body can handle cheaper creams (though not so cheap by the time you've added it all up)!  I have tried quite a few over the years and the one that I have settled on the past couple of years is Hawaiian Tropic.  It was a bit of a fluke that I ended up trying this one.  I was in town one day and was going into almost every shop in search of something that I really needed (don't remember now what it was).  Anyway, I ended up in a discount store (still didn't find what I was looking for) and I noticed Hawaiian Tropic suncream on a gondola end for a very attractive price.  I'm sure it was only around £3/$4 so I bought as many as my hands could handle and then went back for more another day.  I think we had 3 holidays planned that year and so I'm pretty sure we emptied the shop over the course of a few weeks.  Sadly, this one a one-off as I haven't seen this particular brand in the store since.  I guess they got a one-off job lot, not to be repeated.  So, this is how Hawaiian Tropic became my favourite body suncream.

The only problem is, now that I am converted I have to pay the normal retail price, which around £8/$10.50 depending on where you buy it.  Boots and Superdrug quite often have it on offer, buy one get 2nd half price. 

This light weight suncream is very hydrating and applies so easily to the skin. It is not too thick, so it glides on effortlessly and soaks into the skin so well. Quite a lot of suncreams sit very greasy on the skin and don't absorb too well. This one rubs in without a trace left behind, no sticky residue. The cream is a rather pretty two tone colour when it comes out and has a gorgeous tropical smell. It has the all important broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection and also contains antioxidants. If you apply it correctly and as often as the instructions say, you will not get any redness. You feel like you are applying a luxury body lotion, not a functional suncream.

When it came to aftersun, it just made sense to try Hawaiian Tropic and so my favourite has become the After Sun Body Butter which is gorgeous. Although it's a butter, it's quite soft and easy to rub in, absorbing within a few minutes. It's exotic coconut scented and reminds me of holidays every time I use it.

Very well recommended by the Laundry team (I've converted them all!).