BaByliss Pro Perfect curl

Curling your hair does not come easier than this! If you want curly/wavy hair but you're no expert with all the curling tongs, wands etc on the market, then this is definitely the product for you. I am one said person, I have bought so many electrical (and non electric - velcro rollers!) hair products to achieve certain looks and I have fallen out with every one, except my ghd straighteners and the BaByliss Pro Curler.

This device, bought with caution due to my track record, has answered all my prayers in the 'curling my hair' department. It basically does all the work for you! All you need to do is section off your hair as you normally would for this process and then clamp on the Babyliss Pro Curl (see video below for demonstration) and it sucks up your hair (bit frightening first time), rolls it around the barrel for set time and then once it bleeps, you let go and a perfectly formed curl falls down. Repeat this process until all sections have been curled and then run your fingers through your hair, shake it out and you are good to go. I personally always prefer to curl my hair the day before I want it for as I like the curls to fall to a wave. However, my hair is an above the shoulder bob so if you have longer hair the curl will probably fall loose quicker. One thing to be careful with is hair getting tangled in the device. This has happened me a few times when either I haven't been taking care and rushing and I haven't combed out the section probably to get rid of tangles or if I have taken too thick a section. If your hair is very long, be sure to take very thin sections as you have more hair to roll around the barrel. 

The curling chamber is ceramic, which achieves smooth curls. It has 3 timer settings to achieve different curls (i.e. the longer you leave it the curlier your curl is), and 3 heat settings. It also has a curl direction control so you can have all curls going in the same direction or alternate them for a more non-perfect look.

This is a fantastic product, it takes no time at all to get the hang of it, the curls that are achieved are perfect and they last longer than most other devices. Well worth the money. BaByliss have won the Queen's Award for Innovation 2016 for this product.

beautyBy Kerrie Whair