Creative Interview with Musician Chris Hannan

Laundry Magazine are big fans of techno and dance music generally and you can often hear it in our office from our lovely Rega turntable.

Based out of Los Angeles, Chris Hannan and Charlie Murray have spent many years behind the desk producing a lot of underground dance music for acts as diverse as Elefanto and Electrobica and more. Now they have stepped out from behind the desk to do some pretty crazy live shows and a new album Brain Freeze, released late 2016.

We caught up with Chris Hannan to find out what inspires him, as part of our new series of Creative Interviews.

Life* - Three words to describe you?

Chris Hannan - loud, proud and deliberate

Three words to describe 1620?

Big, LA, beats

How did the name 1620 come about?

I would like to come up with a complex and intellectual answer but we had been kicking around ideas for ages, and just couldn't agree. We worked often into the early hours in the mixing and so we were both tired one day as we had started at midnight and worked all day and both looked at each other and asked what time it was, at the same exact moment. It was fate. When we looked it was 16.20.

When did you decide you wanted to be a producer / musician?

I don't ever remember not wanting to be in music, and by accident after a couple of real rubbish college bands ended up in the LA dance scene, you know DJ-ing and mixing and ended up working with a few guys and it turned into a career.

Who is your favorite artist?

Mmmm, I guess that changes a lot but guess if I was pushed I would say Rage Against The Machine. 

What else inspires you other than music?

Music gives me all my inspiration but I like art, modern art and design. And the movies of course. I'm  kinda like a sponge and retain it all in. Life is what inspires us, right?

What music do you listen to when not working?

A lot of eclectic stuff, at the moment I am so involved with the album and producing it tends to be whatever I am working on.

What inspired your current album?

It's called Brain Freeze because we were looking to push the boundaries of the technology available to us, which is awesome. And it turned out it was not the tech you have to push, but it's yourself, your brain, and sometimes it just freezes.....

What city inspires you the most?

LA is home.

What do you dislike about the music industry?

Well the modern music industry has changed so much. So the things I used to hate are slowly disappearing as you can take control of so much now. And I am as happy for obvious reasons in the studio as on stage, so best of both worlds. I guess if i was pushed I would say I wish I had more time to perform live.

Where can we buy your album?

Our album is due for release probably in the Fall, then it will be available on amazon, itunes, spotify, all the usual culprits and also on vinyl on our website, with stunning artwork designed by David Breathnach who I know you guys have worked with. 

What future projects are you working on?

Once we finish the album up then we will do some promotion in LA and New York, then we have some very cool projects in the pipeline with other artists, but I can't talk about them...just yet.

Buy the album online soon at