The New Parlux 385 Light

You know those adverts for laser eye surgery, where everyone who gets it done says they wish they had done it sooner?! Well, this is how I feel about the Parlux 385. If I had known that a really good hairdryer could make such a difference to your hair, I would have bought one years ago.

I have been using a standard middle of the road hairdryer for a few years and to sort out my frizzy ends I finished off with my ghd straighteners. This was my go to routine to achieve straight smooth hair. The only problem with this, for me, is that my hair was quite flat. I have fine hair, so the payoff from pulling it dry and using the straighteners was no volume. We always have to compensate one thing for something else.

I have had a good hairdryer in my wish list for some time and every time I had the extra cash, I always seemed to spend it on something else. Every time I weighed up my options, the hairdryer got pushed down the list. What a mistake that was! I knew a better hairdryer would achieve better results (you get what you pay for after all!) but I never thought I would get a salon finish by doing it myself. This is the first time ever that I have managed to achieve this at home. I can't believe I chose to purchase so many other things over this fantastic investment. But I didn't know at the time that this would be such a great investment. So, for everyone out there struggling with your hair, seriously consider buying this hairdryer (or one equally as good). 

Prior to using the Parlux 385, I would dry my hair and try to get as smooth a finish as possible. However, every time I would sit back and wait for those few wisps to make an appearance and if I had to go out on a damp day, well, let's just say Brian May wouldn't have a look in! But with my new Parlux 385, my hair is straight, smooth and with volume, three things I never thought I could achieve at the same time. And this is without needing to finish off with my straighteners.

Without going on about it, I want to let you all know that this is the best hair appliance I have ever bought. How did I choose which one to buy? Well, I had researched the new Dyson hairdryer but the astronomical price tag put me right off (£300/$400). So, I asked my hairdresser, who uses the Parlux 385 and he told me that he would use no other hairdryer. That was good enough for me. This one is around the £100/$130 price point, depending where you buy it and what colour you buy. I spent a little more for the light gold. It also came with this free brush which is brilliant. I don't usually use a round brush but this worked so well, it's one of those ceramic ionic brushes which doesn't create any static and helps with the smoothing process.

Most definitely a recommended purchase!

beautyBy Lauren Poseyhair