Book Review - The Girl On The Train

Do you ever see a stranger on a daily basis, from a distance, not knowing who they are and what they do, but in your head you have constructed a story about their life?  This is what Rachel has done.  On her daily journey to and from London on the train, she passes the same row of houses and one house in particular where Jess and Jason live (not their real names).  She has their life all figured out, a loving couple, a husband who adores his wife, the type of life she once had.  However, Rachel is lonely, divorced and has a drink problem and watching the life of this couple from afar is somehow comforting to her.  Until she sees something that distorts this picture and she ends up involving herself in their life, trying to piece together the events that lead up to this discovery and the events afterwards.

This book is certainly a page turner.  It was the next book on my reading list but I had a busy few weeks coming up and didn't want to start a new book until I knew I could stick with it.  I hate having a book on the go when you can only grab a half hour here and there to read it.  However, a recent Sunday (right before these busy weeks) I had a few hours to relax and so I decided to start it anyway.  I'm not going to say I read it in one sitting but I did read a third of the book in that one sitting and then finished it off over the following two days.  It's amazing how you can find time for yourself when you have a really good book to read!  Even if it means staying up too late and leaving yourself shattered the next day.  

The suspense throughout this thriller makes it impossible to only read a few pages at a time.  A gripping read that will keep you in intrigued to the end.

Tip: The movie based on this novel is coming out in October so if you are someone who prefers to read the book before watching the film, read it soon.