Clinique SPF30

Summer is well and truly under way so there should be no excuses for not applying SPF every day as the sun is at it's strongest, particularly with the hot spell we are getting here in the UK (who needs to go abroad at the moment?!). Although it should be worn throughout the entire year, we cannot rely on the SPF in our moisturiser or foundation to keep us fully protected. And while you may get away with SPF 15 or 20 during the winter months, you must up the strength to at least 30 for summer.

I personally don't use anything above SPF 30 because research has told me that the added protection you get between 30 and 50 is minimal and not worth the extra chemicals that goes into the 50. The other reason being, when I am sunbathing, I am so careful that I constantly reapply when required so I am rarely not protected.

Having tried a few SPF's over the years, I settled on Clinique's SPF 30, particularly for sunbathing. It does also work under makeup but some people may find it too heavy on a daily basis. I had been using La Roche Posay's suncream which is a great one that doesn't clog pores or cause any adverse effects. But, unfortunately, it created that most annoying white cast on my face that looks ridiculous. I put up with it while I was on my quest to find a replacement but it wasn't a good look for after beach cocktails. This is a common problem with suncreams.

I naturally turned to Clinique for a holiday/sunbathing SPF because I was using their City Block SPF 40 under my makeup and it was working well for me. This isn't something you can repeatedly slather on while sunbathing. So, I tried their SPF 30 cream. I bought the body cream (for my face) because I believe the formula is the same and you get more for your money with the body cream (albeit in a not so handbag friendly way). 

The first tick this cream got was that it didn't leave a white cast on my face. Finally my face doesn't get whiter as the rest of my body gets more tanned! Secondly, although it is a body cream, despite the claims that it is the same as the face cream, I was still a little apprehensive that it would be too thick for my face, which surprisingly it wasn't. It is quite thick to apply but it absorbs well and doesn't feel oily or greasy. For clarity, my skin type is normal (and dehydrated) so this might not work as well for oily types. I did try it under makeup and although it worked I wouldn't use it every day as my SPF but if you're stuck it will help you out of a hole. But as far as a face SPF for sunbathing goes, it is brilliant. As well as for holidays, I use it if I'm in the garden on a sunny day and not wearing makeup. Clinique's SPF suncreams have what they call SolarSmart technology, which helps prevent the signs of ageing as well as protecting the skin from sun damage. They contain many antioxidants. This is a fantastic suncream and even better that you can buy the body cream and use it for your face also. This way you can take it down onto your d├ęcolletage without feeling like you are wasting your small tube of face cream.

This product has become one of my skincare staples.