Real Techniques Sculpting Brush

One face brush (maybe two) should in theory be enough to satisfy all needs; foundation, bronzer, blusher and highlighter. One for powder products and one for liquid products (especially if you use both types at the same time). However, so many times I sit down to do my makeup and pick up my brush to apply my foundation, which still has the remnants of last times blusher on it (like most people, I don't wash my brushes after each use). So, despite this being the theory, it was driving me mad so I decided to invest in another multi purpose face brush for different makeup options.

As much as I love my Bobbi Brown brushes and my Mac brushes, I didn't want to spend that price range as this one was going to be more for convenience. So I turned to my favourite mid-range (in terms of price) brand, Real Techniques. The quality of these brushes are fantastic and although they are cheaper than high end brands they are certainly not cheaper in quality. Great value for money!

In terms of finishing brushes, I already have the stippling brush (see our review here) which I love, so I wanted to purchase something different and I opted for the sculpting brush which is designed to create contours but can also be used for applying liquid foundation and blusher. It features a flat, wide angled head with soft bristles. When using this brush for liquid foundation, I find it helps to create a sheer cover, and then when you apply blusher on top, it seamlessly blends everything together.

To sum up, I would say that both the stippling brush and the sculpting brush are equally as good and create a similar type of finish for both foundation and blusher (the sculpting brush giving a more sheer finish) but if you are someone who contours a lot, the sculpting brush will be better for you.

The Real Techniques Sculpting brush retails for £9.99.

beautyBy Kerrie Wmake-up