Insight - Life's Insecurities

If only we could rewind time and tell our beautiful teenage (and early twenties) selves that our bodies are gorgeous and young (something we will cling to as we get older). The one thing that we did not have to worry about then was cellulite. Yeah, there were plenty of other things! Mine was my bum, which I now consider to be my best asset. Why? Because I am no longer in my twenties (or even thirties) and so I appreciate and respect my body for what it is. I have never been overweight in my life and I have never been underweight. I mostly have been the optimum weight for my height. However, I am curving (although petite) and with that comes a curvy bottom. But (pardon the pun), my teenage self saw this as a big bum that sticks out. I spent my time asking my mum if my bum either 'looks big' in this or 'sticks out' in that. Of course she always said no. But it did! Which I am most grateful for now. But I understand then why she said no, because it wasn't an issue (only for me) and if she had said yes, she may have well said I was a freak. Parents must be diplomatic at times in the best interests of their children. It really did bother me as a teenager and I do remember asking my best friend if my bum stuck out in my dress and yes, you guessed it, she said yes, and not in the way my mother did (she's not my friend anymore). 

I guess this is where some of our insecurities come from, peers and friends at this young impressionable age. We all know the playground can be the most cruel place in the world to be. Kids don't realise the impact they are having on other kids with nasty remarks. I'm not talking bullying here, just normal kids stuff. Most of us will grow up to be normal human beings and take it for what it was, unintentional horrible remarks.

I am also quite small, which also doesn't bother me now, but I would definitely have liked a few inches more. I can wear killer heels now, and although I can't walk very far, I look taller (obviously!). Tall people probably complain because they can't wear killer heels. The point being, we accept who we are and what we have as we get older, not so much when we are young. I would love to tell every young person to be wise enough to accept their bodies and personalities as they are but who is wise in their teenage years. I have teenage nieces and they think we are old and don't know anything about what is going on in their life (sound familiar?!). And so, the circle of life continues. I remember reading a Mothers Day card once that said 'By the time I realised you were right, I had a daughter who thought I was wrong'. Very apt!