Vogue - Voice Of A Century

A real collectors items for anyone who is a fashion and beauty junkie.  Or anyone who knows a serious investment when they see one.  This is an heirloom to be passed down.  100 years of Vogue is an occasion to be marked in history.  And this book is a perfect way to indulge in this occasion.  A perfect coffee table book.  Actually, more like a glass cabinet (with a lock) kind of book!

The book looks back at the 100 years of Vogue and includes lots of famous imagery and quotes.  Many beautiful visuals adorn the pages including fashion (obviously), travel, lingerie and photographs from model shoots across various locations.  The book also includes famous signatures.  These images are capturing moments in time from people who have always known what is hot and happening at the time.

Vogue defines fashion photography....

Talent at it's best....

But don't take our word for it, listen to Alexandra Shulman talk about the book:

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