Beauty Tip: Hydration Top Up

Now that we are well and truly into Autumn and closer to approaching Winter, it is time to think about stepping up our skincare routine for the harsh weather and the indoor central heating that plays havoc with our skin.

As well as changing your moisturiser to something that is a little (or a lot) more nourishing and hydrating, we often find that it is necessary to top up on our skin hydration during the day, as the central heating zaps the hydration from our skin. One great way of doing this is by keeping a thermal spring water spray on your desk at work and spritzing your face as and when required (see our full review on this).

However, another great tip is to take a light (preferably gel like) moisturiser, rub it between your fingers and then tap in into your skin gently. This way, it will not disturb your makeup but will provide you with an instant hydration top up. You could use your normal morning moisturiser for this job, as long as it's not too heavy, in which case it will need rubbing in and therefore not achievable over makeup. Or, you could purchase a specific moisturiser which is light enough to be tapped over your makeup. Our favourite one for this is Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. This moisturiser is a light weight gel like texture that is easily applied in this manner over your makeup. It also has a really cooling effect which is just what we need when our faces our stinging with the harsh elements.

If, like me, some of you will already be starting to feel your skin becoming a little drier. So get ahead of the game and don't let it become an issue.

beautyBy Sophia L'Nechclinique