Parisian Style Lip Art

Lip Art is a huge trend at the moment, mostly seen on the catwalk and created by top makeup artists. However, it is starting to filter down us, so that we can have as much fun as the gorgeous models who have sported this look, while keeping it more wearable. Let's face it, these models look fabulous but we (or they) can't always pull off what we see on the catwalk or editorial pieces in magazines in everyday life.

Who else could possibly show us how to wear this trend than the gorgeous top makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, not least because she has the most fabulous lips herself and just watching her apply her own lipstick is so therapeutic. In the video below, Lisa shows us 4 different looks to create using the iconic L’Absolu Rouge from Lancome, which comes in 3 different finishes, sheer, matt and cream. Lisa Eldridge is the creative director for Lancome makeup. Although this is a sponsored video from Lisa for Lancome, you can of course use any lipstick to create these looks. The red lipstick she is wearing in the video is so gorgeous.