Book Review: Magic Hour, Kristin Hannah

An absolutely wonderful book by Kristin Hannah. A very different storyline about a six year old girl who walks out of the woods into a local Washington small town, looking lost and alone. No-one knows who she is or where she belongs but she seems very troubled and scared. Even the speechless child doesn't know who she is. 

Dr Julia Cates, a child psychiatrist, whose estranged sister lives in the town, has just been through her own recent troubles, which has ruined her career and confidence and so when she gets a call from her sister to help this child, she jumps at the chance to escape her life. This will become a challenging case for Julia, like no other she has ever taken. One that turns her own world upside down and consumes her life fully.

The book is all about relationships, trust and love. A heartwarming yet heart wrenching story. It reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and the triumph of hope, as the author reaches into the readers soul.

This is an author who has yet to disappoint me. I read Firefly Lane which is another beautiful story about life long friendship, and the follow up Fly Away. And there are many more to chose from, which have a firm place on my reading list.